About Mahonia Public Affairs

Mahonia Public Affairs was founded by Debbie Dorris Koreski and Taylor Sarman, who bring creativity, humor and intentionality to everything they do. With a combined 30+ years of experience working at the Oregon State Capitol, the Mahonia Public Affairs team is uniquely positioned to navigate the legislative process from start to finish.

Our philosophy is simple — we bring our knowledge and skills to the table to help our clients shine. We believe that lobbying should be a collaborative, educational process, and we promote our clients every step of the way. We love representing our clients and advocating for their goals, but we do our best work when we help our clients advance their own reputations and relationships throughout Oregon.

Meet Our Team

Debbie Dorris Koreski

Partner and Lobbyist

"I love thinking strategically where others see chaos and resistance, I see possibilities and potential."

Taylor Sarman

Partner and Lobbyist

"I am always up for a challenge I love finding creative and collaborative solutions to complex problems."

Heather Rockwell

Communication and Public Affairs Director

"I am passionate about quality, compelling communication I believe words have the power to shape our world."

Nick Haskins

Government Relations Associate

“I care about finding solutions that take every voice into account I think that together, no problem is too big to tackle."

Sarah Perkins

Administrative Manager

"I love helping things stay organized and on time — whether it's making lists or implementing process improvements, I enjoy making life easier for everyone."

Bob Koreski

Director of Operations

"I've spent decades creating common-sense systems that make workplaces more efficient and enjoyable I take pride in helping workers accomplish their goals."

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